workshop by cristina de middel


NOVEMBER 29 – DECEMBER 1, 2013 (2,5 days)

In Cristina de Middels workshop FICTION STORYTELLING IN PHOTOGRAPHY the students will work on mixing fact and fiction to tell a story in a very quick and effective way. The intention of this Workshop is learning how to use photography and the camera in a non-documentary way nor artistic way, but as a very powerful tool for telling stories.

Cristina De Middel is the author of the narrative photobook “The Afronauts”, Infinity Awards Recipient for Publication 2013 and her book was nominated for this year’s Deutsche Börse prize. The Afronauts is a book about a space program in Zambia, starting after 1964 when Zambia gained independence. Based on that true story, Cristina de Middel sequences photography and drawings, documents and reproductions of letters, all beautifully put together into a great story about dreaming and going to space.

L1050955 L1050958 L1050959 L1050965 L1050966 L1050976 L1050977 L1050979 L1050984 L1050987 L1050989 L1050993 L1050996 L1060012 L1060015 L1060025 L1060031 L1060038 L1060044 L1060047

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