Publishing Photobooks with Nicolo Degiorgis


2-Day Workshop with Nicolo Degiorgis

April 27 and 28, 2019 from 10 am to 5 pm


Every photographer knows how important and influential photobooks are for his personal understanding of photography, but also for the distribution and promotion of his work. The current years have been often described as the golden age of the photobook. Indeed an increasing number of self-publishers and publishers are dealing in revolutionary ways with the art of book making.

The photographer, the designer and the distributor must create a coercive force in order to pull out the best of a photobook. Rorhof is an award-winning studio run by author Michele and Nicolò Degiorgis. Based in Italy, the workflow adopted by Rorhof comprises each step involved in the production of a photobook: the research, the shooting, the editing, the designing, the production and the distribution, as well as new ways to incorporate books into exhibition spaces.

The workshop will cover the different steps that are necessary for the development and the creation of a book: idea cultivation, concept development, editing and design, production, as well as distribution and promotion of photobooks in order to give each student the practical tools for creating his own book.

Individual Reviews

Nicoló Degiorgis will also give individual review sessions to each participant, focusing on their projects with the aim of giving advises in order to proceed with the development of a book project.

About Rorhof:

Rorhof is a studio and publishing house run by Michele and Nicoló Degiorgis. It is based in an old farm built in 1468 and located in the city of Bolzano Bozen in the north of Italy. Rorhof has been founded by photographer Nicoló Degiorgis and producer Eleonora Matteazzi. Starting from a self-publishing project, the publishing house develops and publishes artist books, multiples and exhibition catalogues with a coherent curatorial and editorial approach that gives equal importance to visual as well as to conceptual aspects. Rorhof also produces exhibitions and workshops with the aim of promoting the art of book making.

Participation Fee: Euro 490,- for both days

For former AnzenbergerMasterclass participants: Euro 450,-

Registration by email to

Limited availability! The deadline to register is open until the workshop is full.

The workshop takes place at

AnzenbergerGallery, Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna, Austria +43-1-587 82 51

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